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In Topic: Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Reviewed

09 November 2014 - 02:50 PM

Jim is the one slinging personal attacks here, not me. If he doesn't understand that people have different opinions, then he shouldn't be a reviewer. I simply stated that difficulty does not equate to bad design; if he feels otherwise, that's his prerogative, but to attack me over my stance is juvenile at best. It's funny because Gabriel "attacked his abilities" first, but I guess because he added "good review" to it, that's okay. :rolleyes:


It's also hilarious the review quotes he selected...one saying the game is easy, the other saying he wishes the complexity at the end was present throughout. But hey, I guess you read into it what you want.

In Topic: im in gaming purgatory

09 November 2014 - 09:19 AM

What genres do you like and which games have caused you to be in this funk?

In Topic: Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Reviewed

09 November 2014 - 09:11 AM




PS. If you're relying on FFYL to beat bosses, you're not doing it right

If the game's balance forces you to rely on FfYL to beat bosses and even just clear out normal battle arenas, the developers are not doing something right. Your statement sounds like an attack on me, as though I am not that good at playing these games. Considering I have over double your playtime in BL2 (117 hours to 252) and 110 hours more in BL1 (79 to 189), such a comment would be utterly inappropriate.


In Claymeow's defence, you can play a game a lot of hours, but that doesn't have to make you good at it :P
I have seen plenty of players playing games hundreds of hours and still play really bad.


Fair enough, but it is still the case that I have dramatically more experience with this franchise, good or bad. (Of course I believe I am a good player, not great but good, but that is not exactly something easily proven. But then, neither would Clay's skills.)

Also, at least according to Steam, Claymeow does not even have a copy of the Pre-Sequel, so unless he has/is playing it on console, he lacks the experience to comment on its balance.


As WarWeeny said, whether you spent more time in a game than me or not is irrelevant. You've played less than 20 hours of BLPS, but somehow my 79 and 117 in BL and BL2, respectively, is not enough time to get a solid grasp for those games?


No, I do not own BLPS, so I can only go by what you and others say right now. It may very well be an unbalanced game, but you have not proven that by what you've recounted because in my opinion, your reasoning behind your stance is poor. What you described doesn't sound like bad design (apart from having to run through the dungeon again post-credits), just a tough fight.


I've played several games where it's taken me ten times to kill a particular boss or pass a particular area - that doesn't necessarily make a game unbalanced or unfair, as long as there are multiple strategies to attempt, which BLPS has. Maybe you're the best BL player in the world or maybe you suck; maybe you're too set in your ways to alter strategies when your main one fails; maybe you're just unlucky and your "best gun" uses an element a particular tough boss is immune to; maybe the game is unfair. You've yet to prove which scenario is at play here and no other review of the game that I've read even hints that the game is too difficult or too unfair. What many do mention is that each character has a variety of playstyles, so maybe you just didn't find one that suited yours. It also probably didn't help that you chose the most complicated character to start off with. Based on your hours in the previous games, I think you understand that there's still a lot you haven't tried/experienced.


And are you seriously arguing that I'm not allowed to use the word "random" because probability tables are used? :sigh:

In Topic: Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Reviewed

08 November 2014 - 09:26 PM

There were not always things to recover off of, or the things that were there had very powerful shields. Eventually I found a shotgun with electrical damage that was not actually that good, but was able to strip shields quite effectively, and that helped a lot.

And that right there is exactly why it's not about the character, it's about how you use your arsenal. You should always carry an electrical weapon just to deal with shields, just like you should try to carry corrosive or fire, depending on the enemies you're going to face. Willhelm isn't an easy battle, but it's not that difficult if you have the right arsenal - namely an electrical gun to take out his shields and a corrosive gun to deal damage.


Just because you don't happen to be well-equipped for a particular battle in a game with random loot doesn't make it unfair.


PS. If you're relying on FFYL to beat bosses, you're not doing it right

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08 November 2014 - 08:11 PM

It's typical in any RPG for certain classes to be tougher to solo with than others. If no character could solo the game, then yes, that'd be a problem, but I see no problem with one particular character struggling to be soloable.


(and this coming from someone who played solo in both BL and BL2)