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Babes of OCC Wallpaper Series - Daniella Lopez

Babes of OCC Wallpaper Series - Daniella Lopez

Full Res 1600 x 1200

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    Wow.. all these wallpapers and not a single comment. Thats either good, or bad.. I dunno (I would like to hear from ya).
    Anyway, I like this one.. its just a nice picture.
    And in case you are wondering, its not the original background so I haven't been 'that' lazy (similarly with the last one).

    Hopefully More to come soon. smile.gif
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    Heres your first reply =-)
    Nice pics i like the one with the girl on the mountain... she has a little AMD tattoo =-D
    i should probably get into photoshop and photoediting some more but the video games have been calling my name.

    nice job
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    Thank you, at least someone can be bothered to reply eh.

    The amd tatoo thing was something which I started off with and its just stuck, so most of the pics have them in there somewhere.
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    Just out of curiosity, was it you or someone else who edited her in and the rocks she's standing on?
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    Her and the rocks she is standing on are both from the original picture I used.

    The background is added from another picture.
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